100 Healthy Days: Week 7 Journal

Day 43:

Today is all about the coffee. I’m not particularly tired but we’ve got our old coffee machine up and running and it’s made a truly delicious pot of coffee which I plan to drink until I vibrate.

We had some leftover crumpets so I had 2 of those with a spoonful of cottage cheese for breakfast.

I had a couple of fish cakes with salad for lunch, I’ve been looking forwards to those since we bought them on Thursday and they did not disappoint. I’ve also had 5 cups of coffee so far and it’s only 2:30, I should probably stop now or I won’t sleep for the rest of the week!

Didn’t really feel hungry after that lunch so for dinner I had a Quorn steak slice and we sat down to watch Rick and Morty and the incredible episode of GoT. I meant to have an early night but my insomnia (or the coffee) had other ideas so I ended up staying up until 1am, I got hungry at around 11.30 so I made a cottage cheese sandwich.

Day 44:

Spilt a full mug of coffee all over my desk and office, that’s NOT a good start to the day. Bicarbonate of soda is currently working its magic so I’m sat downstairs in the kitchen having breakfast. Two cottage cheese crumpets and another coffee, I’ll see if I can actually drink this one.

Spent the rest of the day sitting in the kitchen and working. I defrosted some Bolognese and had a small spag bol for lunch. Not sure if it was veggie or not as it wasn’t labelled very well but the fact I couldn’t tell the difference definitely says a lot about how good the veggie version was.

Col went on another shopping trip (she’s honestly not a shopaholic, despite how this journal is making her look!) so I didn’t bother doing much for dinner, I just had some Linda McCartney sausages, a couple of eggs and a handful of chips and spent the evening watching Phoenix Nights.

Day 45:

Skyr yoghurt for breakfast and made a pot of coffee, managed to drink all of it this time. I had such a bad nights sleep last night, usually a night that bad indicates I’m about to get a bout of insomnia, I hope not as that usually means a week of being grumpy and unproductive.

OK made a massively stupid mistake, I decided to have chicken wings and salad for lunch. I set a reminder to turn the wings over after 20 mins but I was so tired I forgot that’s what the timer was for and took them out of the oven.

I’d eaten at least 3 wings before I realised I was eating raw chicken. Hopefully I’ll get away with it as the chicken is from Costco and they do good quality stuff but let that be a lesson to everyone, don’t cook chicken when exhausted!

OK had raw chicken in my belly for about 5 hours now, so far, no horribleness. My new electronics equipment has arrived so I’m distracting myself from potential food poisoning by building a pointless machine. (I’m gonna write a blog about that later).

Colette was pretty exhausted too so we decided to order a take-away, we both got Thai red curry’s with a bit of rice, I also had a few spring rolls and some satay chicken skewers (these were fully cooked, thankfully).

Bedtime and still not feeling ill. Apparently some of the bugs you get from eating raw chicken can take a few days to kick in, however I think I’ve possibly dodged a bullet there.

Day 46:

In the office today so regular office breakfast, feeling pretty tired still but not as bad as yesterday. I think I got about 5 hours of sleep.

Today was our team lunch, we went to Caxton Grill just next to St James Park tube station. My god that was a good meal. I got squid for a starter and then a meat platter. I was actually expecting a bit more veg (there was some, but not much) it was basically a plate of (delicious) meat.

Dinner was a vegan meal that Colette made, it was nice but I felt it was missing a little something so I added a bit of Tuna which turned it from a nice meal to a delicious meal!

Still no sign of food poisoning. I’m feeling hopeful.

Day 47:

Skyr and coffee for breakfast. Stayed in bed later than usual as I woke up at 5am and took nearly 2 hours to get back to sleep. Ended up waking up at 9:30. Thanks to that extra 2 hours though, I’m within functional levels of alertness but I’m definitely not firing on all cylinders. Today could be a coffee day.

At lunch I decided that I needed to get some air, I also wanted to get some needle nosed pliers as my old ones were getting pretty old and the ‘spring’ action wasn’t what it used to be. So I decided to go for a wander to Homebase. Whilst I was there I also popped into Sainsbury’s for lunch and had a Chicken Tikka Masala.

In the evening we headed up to Birmingham as it was Colette’s parents turn for a visit. The food choices were a little slim as we arrived at a service station just in time for most of the good food places to have closed, however there was a carvery one still open so I got a filled Yorkshire pudding. I was hoping that I’d get some vegetables with it but it turned out to be just beef and potatoes, so as delicious as it was, it wasn’t really what I had in mind.

Day 48:

The next day we ate quite lightly until dinner, lunch was a cucumber sandwich (I skipped breakfast) and then for our evening meal we all went out to Miller and Carter, I got beef croquettes, a rib eye steak with a side of fries and mac n cheese. It was amazing although I did eat a little too much (not helped by the creme brûlée I got for dessert).

Day 49:

We’re back home now but I still skipped breakfast as I wasn’t super hungry. I did have a slice of bread with cream cheese on it as a mid-morning snack though.

We had a very lazy day, I don’t think either of us even got dressed! Lunch was a few chicken wings and some sweetcorn. That’s the last of the chicken wings used up now so I’ll be less tempted to eat meat at home next week.

Not felt very hungry at all today. ‘Dinner’ was about 8 crackers with some cream cheese on them and then that was all I ate till bedtime.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 245lbs 245lbs 250lbs
Body fat 36.2% 35.7% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.2% 30.5% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 5mmol/L 4.6mmol/L 4.7

Still no weight loss. This could be down to two things:

1) My weight has plateaued, which it does quite easily during any weight loss attempt I’ve made before. Usually it stays put for 3-5 weeks and then it starts coming down again.

2) The fact that I’ve not made a huge amount of effort to be plant-based the last two weeks.

Experience tells me it’s probably the first thing but regardless, I’m going to make more of an effort to be plant-based this week. Even if you ignore the weight-loss, one of the goals of this whole endeavour is to eat more plants and less meat which I’m not succeeding at.

Until I read my diary back this morning, I never saw the correlation between my increased coffee intake and the insomnia I’ve had this week. I think I might have to go back to no more than 2 cups a day.

Seeing my muscle mass drop was a bit of a disappointment, I’ve started doing kettle-bell exercises and although I’m still on single sets and low reps, the fact I have done them daily and seen no results is a bit irritating. I’m going to up my reps this week and see if next week is any different.

On the plus side, I appear to have gotten away with eating that raw chicken!

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