100 Healthy Days: Week 8 Journal

Day 50:

Half way through!

Decided to have a full veggie day. I’m actually going to shoot for a veggie week but I’m not feeling 100% well right now and practically everyone I know has the flu so if I end up coming down with it too then all bets are off and I’ll be eating comfort food.

Total disclosure: If I DO get it then I’ll probably put 100HD on pause and then resume it when I’ve recovered. That doesn’t mean I’ll be eating badly those days but I’ll be damned if I’m going to put energy into it when all I want to do is sleep and vomit (possibly at the same time).

Breakfast was a pop tart and a coffee as we didn’t have much in. TBH it was rubbish, I think my body has gotten used to food with a bit more substance than iced cardboard filled with ‘jam’.

Lunch was two Quorn ‘fishless finger’ sandwiches. I didn’t hate them but when I looked at the ingredientes, I realised they were primarily made from rice and I suspect regular fish fingers are probably better for my body so I don’t think I’ll get them again. Plus even though they were pretty nice, they were not as nice as proper ones.

By dinner I was feeling pretty peaky. I’m still not sure it’s flu, late-arriving food-poisoning from last week or just a psychosomatic sickness coming from everyone else I know (wife included) being ill. I didn’t fancy cooking as I felt pretty sick but I did an aubergine and mushroom curry anyway and by the time it was ready I didn’t feel too bad and ate it anyway.

Day 51:

Woke up feeling fine but within about an hour though I started to feel a little under the weather so I probably have caught something. It’s not too bad at the moment though and all my co-workers are already sick so I’m still going to my meetings.

Office breakfast failed as they were out of porridge, I’m not mega-hungry though tbh so the coffee will probably do me for now. I resisted the urge to get a sausage sarnie but it took a LOT of willpower.

Feeling progressively worse as the day goes on. However it should be noted at this point that I’m prone to convincing myself that I am ill. So it’s still entirely possible that this is all in my head.

Vegetable lasagne for lunch, it was delicious but a little too big. Hopefully all that stodge will make me feel a little better.

It didn’t. However I felt a little better once I got home and was comfortably on my sofa.

Dinner was leftover curry. At Col’s behest I bulked it out with some sweet potato which – unfortunately – made it taste like it was full of sugar. It was still edible though so we forced it down.

Day 52:

Sulking a bit this morning as I’m still not feeling well. Not quite as bad as yesterday though – so far – it was around 11:30 when it hit me properly yesterday and it’s only 9:45 at the moment.

Breakfast was 3 mini doughnut bites and two mugs of coffee. I know it’s not that healthy but I don’t really care this morning.

11:46, NOW I feel like I did yesterday. It’s got a good sense of timing, I’ll give it that.

Lunch was a pesto pasta salad with a few hard-boiled eggs and some prawns. I think it must have done me some good as 2 hours later and I feel o.k. Not great, but certainly not as bad as I did this morning.

The afternoon I was super-productive, derailed a little by a meeting where I said hello at the start and goodbye at the end and that was literally all I was needed for but such is the life of a developer.

The evening meal was a home-made Quorn spag bol. I tried putting aubergine in it but I’m not convinced it worked, it wasn’t horrible but it was definitely lacking something.

I also found Colette’s wrist weights buried in a cupboard, they probably won’t make a huge difference but I’m gonna wear them tomorrow to see if I notice anything.

Day 53:

Yeah. I forgot to write this today.

In a nutshell, I ate really healthily until the evening when I pigged out a little bit. I wore those weights for about an hour but they massively get in the way of typing and as I was basically resting them on my desk, they didn’t really benefit me much.

Day 54:

Man the last few days have been busy! I can’t believe I managed to get all my work done on time tbh!

Ok I didn’t have time to fill this in today but I can remember what I’ve had still.

Breakfast was a slice of cold pizza (fuck off, I’ve been busy!)

Lunch was a pie with chips and beans (beans are healthy, that counts!)

Dinner I’ve not had yet so I’ll fill you in on that one later.

I had some spaghetti bolognese. There was a beef one left though so today most definitely was not a veggie day.

Day 55:

Not a great night’s sleep. However I’ve tried to get up at the same time (8am) every day recently to establish better ‘sleep hygiene’ so I still dragged my lifeless body out of bed at 8am on the dot.

I wasn’t particularly productive until around 10am but I got some reading done and even made some homemade cashew milk, turns out it’s super easy. Soak cashews in water overnight, drain and blend them with a ratio of 1:3 (for a whole-milk consistency) with 1 being cashews and 3 being water. Then run it through a sieve and serve.

Tastes pretty nice but if you’re putting it a hot drink you’ve got about 30 seconds to drink it before it separates and then tastes horrible.

Oh, I had a strawberry yoghurt for breakfast.

Lunch was some tortellini, it was supposed to be with a pomodoro sauce but when I got it out of the fridge we noticed that the seal had broken on it so we decided not to chance it and threw it away. I had the pasta with some olive oil instead and it wasn’t amazing.

Had a roast beef and lettuce sandwich for dinner as I wasn’t that hungry.

Day 56:

Yoghurt for breakfast. Getting up at 8am each day is both very difficult and very rewarding, the day felt so full!

We spent lunchtime in a pub in Sheerness, I had a lamb Sunday roast and although the pub was loud and obnoxious, the food was great.

Dinner was a tin of chicken tikka masala with rice and a few samosas, we were knackered and couldn’t be bothered to cook anything proper.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 246.4lbs 245lbs 250lbs
Body fat 35.8% 36.2% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.4% 30.2% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 5.3mmol/L 5mmol/L 4.7

It’s green where it counts this week I think. I’m a bit disheartened about the 1.6lb weight gain but my body fat has gone down and my muscle mass has gone up a little which I suspect means that the weight gain is actually water-weight. Which makes sense as I’ve been a bit crap at drinking water this week.

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