100 Healthy Days: Week 9 Journal

Day 57:

I’m in the office 4 days this week, as I don’t even like going into London 2 days a week, I’m not massively happy about this but such is the nature of the job.

Breakfast is going to be the same all week so I’m not going to bother mentioning it unless it diverges from the typical porridge/coffee/oj combination.

OK this isn’t too bad actually. Jeremy has found us an abandoned floor of the building to work in so our little spike team are sitting in a very peaceful area. It’s actually pretty nice.

Lunch was a duck wrap from eat, not terribly satisfying but I’m having a bit of a hungry day. For some reason I’m craving tuna and mashed potato, I guess I know what I’m having for dinner.

Snacks! There are snacks on the table and they are within arms reach. Thankfully I’ve a little more willpower than I used to have so I managed to stop myself after only 4 Jaffa cakes and a handful of buttons.

OK that was a long day. Getting home at 7pm is not something I’m used to anymore. Still craving tuna and mash so I bought some but to make it a bit healthier I also added a massive dish of garden peas. It was exactly as good as I had hoped it would be. Tuna, peas and a carb-based ingredient (usually, pasta, rice or instant mash) was a staple meal of mine when I was young and (very) poor. I think that’s where I learned how to cook as I had to know what flavours paired well together because I couldn’t afford to buy good ingredients. Most of my ‘recipes’ were figuring out ways to improve cheap microwave and tinned meals.

Colette offered to make me a cup of tea and there were rich teas in the cupboard so I had 7.

Day 58:

One of the benefits of regular train journeys is that I get a lot of reading done, it’s still a bit annoying though as the time I waste commuting is usually spent on self-development projects, which are unlikely to see any progress this week.

There is a weird effect on this floor as it’s a lot closer to the road that I’m used to (normally on 11th, currently on 2nd) the traffic and road-work sounds combine and then get dampened by the sound-proofing windows to alternate between creating the sound of a man snoring or a group of people screaming depending on the noise level outside. It’s quite distracting!

Had a bit of a gamble on lunch, I found a place that did vegetable lasagne but unlike last weeks which was basically a regular lasagne but with aubergine in place of beef, this one was made primarily from grains and legumes.

It was amazing! My only criticism is that it had a bit of a gritty texture but that wasn’t very pronounced and was easily ignored.

I’m actually kind of enjoying being in the office this week, the floor we have sequestered ourselves on is empty and our small team is really fun and friendly. If work was always like this then I’d probably be more open to coming into London every day (although I still hate the commute).


I got stuck at Otford for 45 minutes waiting for my delayed connecting train. I take it back, going into London is a pain in the arse.

Had spag bol for dinner, probably went a bit crazy and had it with 4 slices of bread. Still under my calorie limit for the day though so should be fine.

Day 59:

It wasn’t fine, ate too much last night and got hit with pretty bad acid. Damn this whole ‘aging’ thing.

It was my turn to bring the snacks so I bought 4 doughnuts and two packs of fruit. I’m hoping that a doughnut will soak up some of the acid (ok, ok… I just want a doughnut).

Everyone is struggling to concentrate today, one of our team is working from home as she’s not feeling well and another one is leaving early to take their child to hospital so none of us are feeling like there is much momentum today. Surprisingly though, we still made good progress.

It got to 1:30 and we decided to all spend the rest of the afternoon working from home. We actually came up with some decent design ideas between us though so it still wasn’t a wasted day. I got some thai food on the way home (Spring rolls rock) and it seems that the rice finally worked against the acid as it had gone by the time Colette got home.

Never had dinner, lunch filled me up good and proper.

Day 60:

Today is the last day I’ll be completing my journal this week as I’m going to a technology-free festival tomorrow. I’ll take my actual journal with me and see if I can remember to write a few things down and then I’ll transcribe a few bits down when I’m back on Monday.

Today was super-productive. I got a small caramel slice from the coffee shop with my morning coffee so I decided that I’d have that for breakfast and not eat anything else.

Busy morning, no time to write journal, however it was productive, we’ve started to prototype some things now and it’s looking really nice. Today was the MoJ FED (Front End Developers) lunch, I had fish and chips and a couple of pints, which proved to be one pint too many as I spent the afternoon a little drunk.

We got 3 prototypes ready to show tomorrow. As much as I’m looking forward to my festival I must admit, I wish I could be there tomorrow to see the reactions to our designs and to influence the stakeholders to make the ‘correct’ choice (The one I want).

I wasn’t hungry when I got home so I didn’t eat till nearly 8:30, when I eventually did I was still only peckish so I had a bowl of garden peas mixed with a tin of tuna and a spoonful of cream cheese. Again this was a common meal I ate when I was on the poverty line as it was both cheap and fairly healthy whilst still being pretty tasty. I don’t know why I’m craving all these nostalgic foods at the moment but I’m actually really enjoying them.

Days 61, 62 and 63

Ok the festival sucked. Which I should probably have expected with it being organised by a bunch of hippies. They completely ran out of water twice and EVERY SINGLE thing there was hippified. There were supposed to be a handful of bushcraft workshops which is the only reason I agreed to go there but even they devolved into hippy nonsense (There was a bee-keeping workshop, where a woman talked about the energy of the bees whilst sitting in a yurt WITH NO BEES IN IT!)

Needless to say, we didn’t stay for long, we managed to make our own fun on the Saturday but that was largely because we rock as a couple and could have fun inside a volcano provided we were together. However come Sunday, we decided we’d have more fun in a place where we could wash and drink liquids (still no water).

It was a fairly healthy festival though, the food choices were mostly vegan so I managed to go two days without any meat, however it DID reinforce my believe that most vegans actually just subsist on chips as out of the many vegan food stands, the only one with an insane queue was also the only one that served chips.

On Sunday, we went for a drive around Kent before heading home and that’s where the real fun began. We decided to spend the rest of the day in our garden, we lit a fire and toasted marshmallows, cooked some sweetcorn and baked a few potatoes. We also got fairly drunk and decided to build a shelter out of tarpaulin by the time we were done it was dark and the shelter was actually really nice and warm so we decided to sleep out there.

It was surprisingly cosy in the shelter, however two things prevented me from getting a good nights sleep, 1) I could not get comfortable and 2) I kept hearing a squeaking sound in the bushes and I couldn’t let go of the image of waking up to find a rat on my head.

At 1am we decided to head back inside and sleep in our beds, which was heavenly.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 245lbs 246.4lbs 250lbs
Body fat 34.6% 35.8% 36%
Muscle Mass 31.1% 30.4% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 5.5mmol/L 5.3mmol/L 4.7

Look at all that green! My weight hasn’t come down as much as I’d like but my muscle mass is going back up and my body fat is coming back down so that’s all I care about really. I’m starting to wonder if measuring my blood glucose is a valuable metric as it seems to remain fairly steady all the time. I’m considering removing/replacing that metric from next week onwards.

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