100 Healthy Days: Week 11 Journal

Day 71

That plum jam was REALLY good. I also managed to find some sliced bread that comes in smaller slice sizes which is great for me as it means I can still have a sandwich or some toast but not have as large a portion.

I’m feeling quite positive about things this week. It’s a full working week so at least a normal routine has resumed. I always do a lot better on things like this when I have a regular routine.

Quorn Bolognese for lunch with a single whole-wheat wrap for sauce dipping. I also decided not to have a 2nd cup of coffee and opted for a peppermint and nettle tea instead.

4pm, hungry already. Gonna try to ignore it for at least another hour or so and then allow myself an early dinner. Will probably have to get an early night tonight to avoid midnight snacking temptation.

I sort of managed it. I had a slice of bread with cottage cheese on at around 5:30 then when Colette got home at 7:30 we had baked potatoes with quorn Bolognese on.

Day 72

Regular London breakfast today.

Lunch was easy, I didn’t feel hungry at all so I ended up getting a small salmon salad for lunch, it clocked in at 189 calories and – whilst not delicious – was still pretty nice.

On my walk home I always walk past a cafe which has the most delicious looking caramel slices in the window. I’ve manage to resist for over a year but today I caved and got one. It. Was. Amazing.

For dinner – having got a bit sick of Bolognese – we got some Thai food, now this is where I can see evidence of my improvement. Usually when I order Asian food, I go mental and gorge myself on it. This time I got spring rolls, some prawn in paper pastry things (which were gorgeous) and a prawn Thai red curry. I even shared my rice with Colette.


Then Colette suggested we open a box of chocolates and I ate 4… 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Day 73

I’m so bored of porridge, however I worked out that if I get myself a pastry and a coffee then that actually adds up to about the same calories as a porridge, orange juice and coffee. Granted it’s not as healthy but fuck you, you’re not my real mom! (Unless you are, in which case: Hi Mum! Sorry for swearing… DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE!!)

Wow. So I’m now the designer and the front end developer on my project at work. That’s pretty good going considering 4 actual designers have had their work pulled to bits and mine was fully approved after a five-minute meeting 🙂

Throughout all of this process, I’ve tried to only eat foods that I still find delicious but I’m starting to feel that I was perhaps being naive. So I’m making myself eat more (varied) salads, whilst I really enjoy cooked tomatoes and olives, eating them raw in a salad isn’t ever something I’ve found pleasant, however they are filling a nutritious so I’m going to start trying to incorporate them into my diet more. This began today with a tuna salad niçoise and I must admit. Whilst it wasn’t the tastiest meal I could have had, it wasn’t half bad. I suspect I could easily get used to the taste of both and maybe even grow to love them in time.

Met my friend, Rekha after work and the diet kind of fell away. I managed to keep up being pescatarian but I had an alcoholic milkshake (ok, 2 alcoholic milkshakes – they were so good!) and some halloumi sticks, she tried to get me to share her cake but I resisted (small victories).

Later that evening we went back to Sevenoaks and went to dinner with her and Colette. I had deep-fried Brie and some fried Sea Bass also Colette pretty much forced me to drink 3 glasses of wine as she was driving and I think she wanted to get drunk by proxy. Rekha is a yoga instructor so unsurprisingly, she only had half a glass (yet Colette still ordered a bottle)

Day 74

Back home today. Didn’t fancy a yoghurt so I had some cheese on toast instead. Surprisingly I don’t have a hangover after last night although I was talked into impulse buying 3 tickets for Matilda tomorrow night. No regrets though, I love that show.

I also drunk-bought a set of weights and some weight gloves and some Manuka honey body cream (which evidently I thought would sooth the deep-burn of lifting all those weights). Amazon should really add a breathalyzer test to their authentication. On the plus side, I’ve been considering buying some weights for a while now so at least that one is something I don’t need to think about anymore.

At lunch, Rekha and I went for a walk into Sevenoaks town and stopped off for dinner at an Italian restaurant. I’ve not been there for a while and the quality of the food has improved (and it was pretty good before!) I had a caprese starter (tomatoes, basil and mozzarella) and then a mussel pasta for my main. Delicious.

Rekhs brought in some cakes from a local (and legendary) bakery, Somehow I managed to only have a 1/3 of one piece.

Dinner was at home for the first time in a few days. I made an aubergine curry and it even hit the Rekha seal of approval who had earlier made the comment You do realise that you are cooking a curry for an Indian woman, right?

Day 75

Breakfast was a yoghurt and 2 cups of coffee.

Here’s a life lesson: If you’re trying to have a vegetarian week and the cupboards are a bit bare and it’s chucking it down so you don’t want to go out to the shop, that’s still not a good reason to eat Macaroni and Cheese which comes from a box.

On the plus side, that horrendous orange goop kept me full for ages. Tonight we went for a dinner and theatre night in London, I met Rekha and Colette at Shaftesbury Avenue and we went to an Italian tapas place, I still felt full so I had a few bits of tomato and mozzarella, a slice of ‘garlic bread’ which was actually just a bit of garlic butter on a toasted tortilla and about 5 garlic and herb prawns.

We then went to watch Matilda which was even better than I remember it from when I last saw it about 2 years ago. In the interval we all went to an Italian ice cream place and I had 3 scoops of very delicious ice cream.

Day 76

Today we’re going to have a lazy day, we got up early and drove to a local garden centre to get a fry up, they do a really nice vegetarian breakfast with red onion and rosemary sausages which taste divine (especially when dipped in egg).

Rekha has left us for a few days to go see family in the midlands so we decided we’d go spend the afternoon reading in an old Kentish pub, first though Colette wanted to go back to Viking bay for a bit of sunbathing (for those keeping track, yes that is the 3rd weekend in a row we went there). I didn’t really think it was beach weather so I left her on the beach after about 20 minutes and went to sit in a beer garden with a great view of the coast to do a bit of writing.

When Colette got bored with the beach she came and met me and we decided to go crab fishing as neither of us had done it before and it was something we’d wanted to try for years. To my surprise, I hated it. I guess I thought of sea creatures as being emotionless things but once we got a few in the bucket, it was very clear that they were petrified and panicking. I felt cruel, like I was torturing them and as we were not planning to eat them we were basically just sport-hunting.I convinced Colette to pour them back into the ocean and we went to find some food.

We eventually got to the old pub (supposedly the oldest in Kent) only to find that a) they didn’t do food until 6:30pm and b) it had been modernised and most of the charm in it had gone. Also they had no comfy chairs so it was not a good place to sit and read.

We stayed for a drink and then decided to go find another pub but half way down the motorway, the heavens opened and the rain dampened our desire to stay out so we decided to go home and order some Thai food.

I had 4 spring rolls, 4 paper-pastry prawns and a prawn stir-fry. (I refuse to see the irony in that meal choice)

Day 77

I think this is the first Sunday in weeks where we’ve just stayed in for the morning. I did my weigh in and made a mango smoothie for breakfast which filled me up nicely.

I’d ordered some dumbbells earlier in the week and today we decided to give them a try, turns out we both quite enjoy weights so hopefully this will become a bit more of a regular thing.

We are a having a ‘do nothing’ day today as we’ve had really active weekends lately and we want to just veg so we watched ‘The Martian’ and then went for a late carvery lunch.

We did have a min pig-out on the evening, we got a big bar of chocolate each and a small apple-crumble with custard each. It was a lovely end to the weekend and it was nice just chilling out with my wife all day.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 245lbs 246lbs 250lbs
Body fat 34.6% 35% 36%
Muscle Mass 31.1% 30.8% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21

I managed to stay pescatarian from Monday to Saturday this week which I expected to be harder, but it wasn’t. I didn’t lose much weight but as we’ve had a friend over, we’ve been eating out a lot so I guess that’s not really a surprise. She’s coming back again in a few days so it’s likely that this week won’t be much different.

Now the weights are here I can see myself making good use of them, especially as Colette is into it as well as that means I’ll be ok leaving them in the Kitchen where I usually spend about 30-40 minutes in the morning anyway.

I’m not going to continue my pescatarian week, that was just a challenge I wanted to do for myself, however I am going to start basing my diet around being pescatarian. Which means that I’ll always look at the vegetarian and fish options first before I consider the meat option. At the very least, it should make me a bit more mindful about my food.

Once again the hardest part of this process is remembering to track things in my food diary, I’m not sure it’s really adding much to my progress anymore but I’m not going to stop doing it, at least until the 100 days is up as it is still a part of my process.

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