100 Healthy Days: Week 12 Journal

Day 78

Didn’t fancy breakfast this morning. Took me 90 minutes to actually get moving after my alarm went off and by 9:20 my stomach had gotten over any desire for food and just wanted coffee. Downed half a litre of water first though so coffee wasn’t the first thing I put in my body.

I did some more weights this morning as my arms are not yet feeling like soggy noodles. They ached a bit by the end of the session.

Lunch was tinned minced beef with spaghetti. I had a meeting and didn’t have time to make anything proper and I was really hungry. Can’t really excuse it. TBH I told myself that I wouldn’t fret about the diet today as I knew it was going to be a busy one.

Colette decided to go see a talk in London so I’ve got the evening to myself. That means I’m going to have a geek night! For those of you who are not me, you may not realise that a geek night has the following rules:

  • Play computer games
  • Drink pop
  • Eat Crisps
  • Eat Chocolate
  • Get a Pizza

In the past, geek nights have resulted in me buying huge bags of crisps, a 2l bottle of Mountain Dew a massive bag of chocolates and a large doner meat pizza.

I wanted to keep the spirit of geek night alive but with my heading now pointed towards more healthy eating, I couldn’t keep up that level of gastronomic indulgence even if I wanted to so instead I got a small bottle of Fanta (500ml), 2 small bags of Roast Beef Monster Munch and a small Cadbury’s Caramel.

In lieu of pizza (which would have been a cheat meal) instead got myself a rib sandwich. It was just as filling and enjoyable and I didn’t go to sleep feeling like I’d eaten a mountain. As for the computer game, I got through the first chapter of ‘Life is Strange: Before the storm’.

Day 79

I’m in the office today but it’s only one day this week so I can’t really complain. I was well behaved and got my usual London breakfast but that plan was derailed when a colleague bought a massive box of doughnuts in and told us to dig in. So my porridge ended up going cold whilst I scarfed down two glazed doughnuts. I regret nothing.

This week isn’t going to be a good week for dieting as it’s probably the most social week that I’ve had in a LONG time. Tonight we’re going to see ‘IT’ and beforehand we’ll be going with a few friends to our all-time favourite Chinese restaurant (Aroma in Shepherds Bush). Tomorrow we’re going to see Derren Brown with Rekha and of course we’ll go for dinner first and Friday we’re going to a comedy club (with dinner beforehand again). So I will need to attempt to make my other meals as healthy as possible. This is why I’m resisting my colleagues determined attempts to make me eat a third doughnut.

‘IT’ was really good, although not as scary as I expected. If anything it was really funny. It had one of the kids from ‘Stranger Things’ and he played a really sharp-tongued character who was hilarious.

Day 80

Today is a half day, which is always fun 🙂 We’re spending the afternoon with Rekha as it’s her birthday.

Woke up at 9:30am (had a late night and needed the lie in), breakfast was a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of tea. The morning was easy, I just had to take part in an online meeting which I did whilst simultaneously tinning some wire for a gizmo I’m working on. Multi-tasking FTW.

The meeting ran on later than I thought it would though so I never managed to leave the house until around 1:30. Was really hungry by this point so I got an egg sandwich and a bag of crisps from the train station.

Met Rekha and the Mrs in town, they were in a Malaysian restaurant having dinner, their food looked really good so I ordered myself a starter (spring rolls and chicken skewers).

We then went for a walk around Soho, we came across a place called Crosstown doughnuts, which we’d heard was amazing but had never found one. Obviously we had to try them. I bought a Cinnamon scroll and a glazed vanilla.

I am not going to eat the glazed one today, that is going to be my breakfast treat tomorrow, I did eat the Cinnamon one though and now I never want to eat anything else in my life as nothing else will compare.

We went for a wander around the Getty Images gallery for a while and then went for a coffee at Carluccios (although I was too full at this point and didn’t have anything).

We wandered again for a few hours until we decided to go look for a place to have dinner. We settled on a Lebanese place in Leicester square called ‘Maison Du Mezze’. I had a mixed chicken grill which I ended up having to share a lot of as it was huge. Damn tasty though.

Whilst we ate we saw two street performers, the first was an artist who did covers of 90’s female acts and she was as bad as her taste in music was good. Thankfully we only caught the end of her (very loud and off-key) act before she was replaced by a guy called ‘The basketball man’ who we saw getting set up and starting to perform for at least 30 minutes if not longer and I still can’t tell you what he did. I suspect he was going to eventually juggle basketballs, either that or he’s making a really crap attempt at ironic comedy.

The evening finally came and the reason we’d been hanging around in London all afternoon was because we were off to see Derren Brown and my god he was amazing. His ability to control people and to make them see the things he wants you to see was absolutely astounding.

As it was a special occasion I bought us all some prosecco.

Day 81

Just a regular work from home day today. Rekha had caught a cold during her stay in Coventry but yesterday she was either putting on a brave face for us or her symptoms hadn’t properly hit her yet. Today though she’s half dead on our kitchen sofa.

Breakfast was 2 mugs of coffee and the Crosstown doughnut from yesterday (which, whilst not as amazing as the cinnamon one was still pretty damn amazing).

Rekha wanted some Thai soup for lunch so I ordered from the Thai place on Deliveroo for the third time in 2 weeks. I got a prawn red curry and some spring rolls.

The afternoon was spent trying to debug code which was proving to be frustratingly complicated. Thankfully at around 4:40 I cracked it and decided that was quite enough for the day.

Went downstairs and spoke to Rekha for a few hours until Col came home and then made a spag bol. As Rekha was ill we decided to forgo the Quorn and made it with real beef.

Day 82

Woke up to the news of an explosion in the underground not far from where Colette works. Thankfully nobody was hurt and she was already at her desk when it happened anyway. Still, scary times!

Colette brought in some Pain au chocolat for us all to have for our breakfasts today so I had mine with a mug of coffee.

Lunch was another portion of Spag bol. I tried not to eat too much as I suspect I’ll be eating a fair bit later.

Tonight we’re off to a comedy club, which I’m really looking forward to. Getting the train into town with Reks and then meeting Colette there. As we knew we were not going to be eating till late, we decided to have some cakes at a coffee shop, I had a slice of millionaires shortbread.

The comedy night was excellent fun. My wife is currently sat next to me and reading everything I say in a silly voice. That’s not really relevant to my day but I thought I’d add it to make her laugh.

After the comedy night, we tried (with difficulty) to find a place in Soho which didn’t require a booking on a friday night. We eventually found a peruvian place which was actually really nice but not very filling (plus the food was all themed around something they call ‘Tigers Milk’ which was like a milky sour sauce – nice though, just odd).

The food gave me a bit of mild acid (and as I said, wasn’t that filling) so on the way home I decided to stop off and get some Monster Munch and a caramel. Which might not have been very healthy but the stodge of the crisps soaked up the acid nicely (the chocolate was just for fun).

Day 83

Woke up and as it was saturday, stayed in bed until 10am, eventually got up and had plum jam on toast with half a mug of coffee (didn’t fancy it).

Today we’re going to show Rekha the sights of Sevenoaks which is mainly just the deer park and a few nice shops. Our original plan was to go to a wildlife sanctuary to see otters so I’m super happy that the plan changed and this is what we are doing instead

OK I admit that was a really nice afternoon. I got some fudge from the Saturday market, we went for a really nice meal at a local grill house (I had buttermilk chicken with a stuffed ‘volcano’ potato (which unfortunately was wrapped in bacon so that’s cheat meal #4 (1 left!) and as it was a cheat meal I followed it up with a pot of tea WITH sugar.

Afterwards we went to walk it off in the deer park. For the first time, ever we managed to actually feed some deer which was a wonderful experience, they are so gentle and sweet!

The evening ended with us trying to watch John Wick (which wasn’t a good movie – don’t understand the hype) followed by Colette trying to convert Rekha into a Rick and Morty fan (which didn’t work).

We have another guest staying with us tonight, a friend of Rekhas from the Netherlands is flying in just to see her for one night so Col and Rekhs have gone to Stanstead airport to pick her up whilst I sort the house out and have a bath (that’s just how rock and roll I am). Got a portion of spring rolls from the local Chinese takeaway and drank a small bottle of Lucozade whilst I watched a few more Rick and Morty episodes. Then decided to have my bath and go to bed so I did the stuff I needed to do to prepare for our guest and got ready to call it a night.

Just as I was about to get in the bath, the women arrived home. Rekhas friend, Eileen was lovely, she has a super-bubbly personality and fed my ego nicely by being amazed at all the smart-home tech. As I was on a roll I decided to give her a copy of my book ‘Let’s Kill Capitalism’ which she received with delight and also made me autograph.

I like her.

Day 84

The morning started with coffee and quickly moved on to brunch, we went to Bill’s and I had a stack of buttermilk pancakes and they were everything I could have dreamed of.

After brunch, the girls went to have a day of feeding deer and picking fruit (which I didn’t fancy doing) so I went shopping. I had decided earlier in the week to go all ‘Steve Jobs’ and start wearing the same outfit every day. Having to think about what to wear is a waste of energy and as I don’t really give a crap about my outward appearance it makes sense to me to limit my choice to practically nothing. So I bought a bunch of nearly identical shirts in 3 dark colours.

I then came back home and did a bit of tinkering with some electronics and played about with some code for a while before the ladies came up to collect Eileen’s bags to take her back to the airport. Turns out that – thanks to the motorway being jammed – they never managed to do their fruit picking but they had still had a wonderful time at the deer park.

Once they had gone again, I played on my PS4 for a bit and watched a few YouTube tutorials on how to work with a 7-segment display. Before I knew it, Col and Reks were back and they had brought Thai food home with them.

Fortunately, I could eat Thai, Japanese or Chinese food for practically every meal but I do think this may be my 6th Thai/Chinese meal in the space of 2 weeks which may be a little on the excessive side. Still delicious though.

In the evening we decided to drink some of our wedding champagne, eat some popcorn and watch ‘The Matrix’. It was a fun night and a lovely way to end the weekend.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 248.6lbs 245lbs 250lbs
Body fat 33.4% 34.6% 36%
Muscle Mass 31.6% 31.1% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21

Thanks to the rich meals and treats we’ve been having with our lovely house-guests, it’s not really surprising that I gained weight this week. What does surprise me though is that – according to the body composition tracker at least – I didn’t gain that weight in body fat. I find it unlikely that half a percent increase in muscle-mass would weight 3.8lbs so I presume most of that is water?

On the plus side, if it isn’t fat, it shouldn’t take much effort to lose that weight quickly, we still have Rekha for 3 more days though, I hope my body can handle that!

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