100 Healthy Days: Week 13 Journal

Day 85

15 days left! I have to admit, I’ve been a bit crap at this at times. I’m constantly forgetting to log my food and my attempt at going mainly plant-based has been a much slower burn than I expected. I’m still definitely on the road to it though so it’s not a complete failure.

Started today with a mango yoghurt and a coffee. Woke up with my alarm which is quite rare for me although I still allowed myself to doze in bed for 25 minutes but I think I needed that.

Feeling lethargic this morning and I’ve already had 2 coffees so I don’t want any more. Perhaps I’m hungover. It’s also really dreary outside and my office is really dark, which probably isn’t helping.

Tinned minced beef and onion with Spaghetti for lunch, had a few slices of bread with it too. Also made myself a pot of tea. I think I must have been either dehydrated or malnourished (that isn’t the right word I don’t think but I’m going with it anyway) as shortly after that I felt much better. I had a proper lunch break which isn’t usually the case for me as I prefer to knock off early but I felt I needed the brain break so Rekha and I watched the last 40 mins of The Matrix.

Had much more energy in the afternoon and actually managed to get enough done to make up for being unproductive in the morning.

Went for a pint or two with Kev and held his baby (first time I’ve held a baby in my entire life as far as I can remember). I then convinced Kev to come back to mine for half an hour so Rekha and Col can see the baby.

We had chicken fajitas for tea which was delicious even if I do say so myself. I also made some paprika potato rostis which I’ve not made in years and were a bit bland.

Day 86

In the office today. Was a bit of a frustrating day as I was super-busy and there is some stuff going on at work that’s annoying. I went with a colleague to the Japan Centre, never been there before but it was brilliant, I had katsu curry, some prawn tempura and some chicken yakatori.

Met Colette and Rekha in town as Rekha wanted to go for a drink with a few friends, went to an indian restaurant which was pretty damn good.

Day 87

Woke up exhausted, not in the mood to go into the office today but kind of don’t have much of a choice, made a bad choice for breakfast and got a doughnut and then at lunch I had fish and chips. I shouldn’t be allowed out when I’m knackered. Gonna have to have a healthy choice for dinner.

Worked from home in the afternoon as I had pretty bad acid, was hoping that the fish and chips would help (stodgy food usually does) but it didn’t. Thankfully it wore off at about 4pm.

After the acid, I wasn’t too hungry so I roasted a potato and put a bit of sour cream and paprika on it. It didn’t taste amazing but it was filling and edible.

Day 89

Cornflakes and coffee for breakfast. Woke up early and as Colette was also awake, I never went back to sleep (not missing out on morning cuddles when they are on offer).

The house feels so dark at the moment. I’m sat in the office with the curtains wide open and it still feels like I’m getting practically no light in here. I might have to switch to working in the kitchen.

Lunch was tinned minced spaghetti and a few slices of bread. Should probably do a shop this weekend so I have healthier stuff in.

Dinner was a bit healthier, I had leftover fajita mix with a few wraps and a ton of lettuce.

Day 90

Wow, only 10 days left. I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last 90 days, shame it didn’t translate into more weight-loss but I suspect when I do this again (which I will be doing soon), I’ll see some major changes.

Breakfast was cornflakes again. I seem to recall doing the kellogs diet about 8-9 years ago and losing a ton on it. Obviously it all came back as diets don’t work but I still might have a few days next week when I have cornflakes for two meals a day.

Lunch was a burger from Bills. I had a super-frustrating morning and got a bit of news that made me super-angry so to cheer myself up, I got a burger. I went high-quality though and damn, it was good. TBH considering the great quality ingredients, it probably wasn’t even that unhealthy.

Dinner was a lot healthier. I still didn’t have any veg but I did have an admirals pie.

Day 91

Not gonna lie, I wrote this on day 93 (tomorrows entry too) so I’m struggling to remember what I did on day 91.

I know that breakfast was a bowl of cornflakes and a slice of toast with plum jam, most of the day was spent chilling out with Colette although we did go do a big shop.

Lunch/Dinner was combined into one meal, we bought a rotisserie chicken, some salad veg, some cheese, a pack of vegetable spring rolls and some cheese and chive stuffed potato skins and we made ourselves a feast.

We realised quite soon afterwards that we’d eaten too much. It’s easy to forget that over the last 90 days, our stomachs have shrank quite considerably and we can no longer comfortable consume our old portion sizes.

A few hours later we were watching Archer in the living room and both decided to have a drink, Col had a large glass of prosecco and I made a cocktail with Caramel Syrup, Baileys and Grey Goose.

Day 92

We stayed in for most of the day, cornflakes again for breakfast.

I had some tasks that needed to be taken care of today. A few programming tutorials, some housework and a bit of paperwork so I was very glad that there was still leftover chicken in the fridge, a few chicken and lettuce wraps kept me going for most of the afternoon.

At 5pm we went to meet our friend Kev for a drink and a bit of food at a local grill house. I had a small bowl of Mac and Cheese, some smoked brisket and I shared some of Colette’s pulled pork. I also had 3 500ml bottles of IPA.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 247.4lbs 248.6lbs 250lbs
Body fat 34.6% 33.4% 36%
Muscle Mass 31% 31.6% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21

I’m not impressed with myself this week. Rekha left us on Wednesday but that still gave me 4 days to choose healthier options and I did not really do that. As next week is my last week. I definitely need to do better. 3lb total weight loss over 100 days isn’t ideal.

One thing I do find a bit puzzling though is my muscle mass going down, I’ve done a ton of walking in the last two weeks and I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with my weights, even if I’m not doing them properly or if I’m not doing them enough (which I’m fairly certain I am) then I still shouldn’t see my muscle mass drop!

I’m determined to see at least an additional 2lb drop by day 100 and I want to see that muscle mass higher too, although I’m not sure what else I can do to make that one happen.

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