100 Healthy Days – Final week!

Day 93

It’s the last week!

Breakfast was a bowl of cornflakes and a pot of tea, we’ve got food in the fridge that needs eating so today is going to be healthier than before but still not as healthy as I plan to be for the rest of the week.

Lunch was chicken korma. TBH it wasn’t that unhealthy, I’ve managed to get my rice portions right down from 93 days ago (I used to have at least a full cup and a half of rice, now I have half a cup).

Dinner was a roast chicken, I messed it up though as I was trying to tidy the house whilst I was cooking and I forgot to check the steamer had enough water (it didn’t) so the bottom of the pan burned and flavoured all of the veg with a horrible metal-smoke flavour.

That removed most of the healthy part of the meal, so really I had chicken, Yorkshire puddings, peas and roast potatoes. I still at the carrots as they were edible but all of the green stuff (peas excluded) were ruined, which is a shame as cabbage, broccoli and sprouts are some of my favourite foods (when drenched in gravy).

Day 94

In the office today, regular office breakfast. Nothing exciting to report.

Lunch was small, we’re having a big meeting this afternoon and that usually means someone will bring doughnuts in and I know I won’t be able to resist. So I had a tiny salmon and egg broccoli box for my lunch. I’m always surprised when I have things like that at how tasty they actually are. I should consider broccoli more as a salad veg, they are really nice when roasted.

There were actually no doughnuts at the meeting! I was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed, once the meeting was over, I waited at the train station for Col to leave so we could get the train home together and I did get a glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme, however that is a lot better than the two or three doughnuts I would have not been able to resist at the meeting (they always get too many) so I’m still calling it a win.

Dinner was simple, made a leftover sandwich from the remains of yesterdays roast.

Day 95

In office again so office breakfast. Feel utterly drained today, like I’ve had no sleep, bit odd as I ate a lot of veg yesterday and I think I actually had a good nights sleep. Maybe it’s just one of those days.

Lunch was a tuna and egg salad from Eat. Lots of green veg and was super-healthy. I also seem to be properly enjoying the taste of tomatoes now so that is definitely a positive step. Sad to say my energy levels have not risen, I’m really not a fan of being in the office, I find being around people all the time quite exhausting so I wonder if that might be the reason. I’ve had a LOT of company in the last few weeks.

There appears to be a bug going around the office, maybe I’ve caught it. Oh, the joys of not working from home.

We’re trying to get through our over-stuffed freezer at the moment so dinner tonight was Quorn spaghetti bolognese.

Day 96

Thankfully working from home again, breakfast was cornflakes.

Still feel quite drained but being at home definitely helps, I’m not sure I do have a bug, I don’t feel ill, just really tired.

Didn’t feel that hungry at lunch so I just had a few water crackers with some duck pate and cream cheese.

Went to doctors this afternoon to complain about my bad back and low energy levels and she told me that I was fat and need more exercise. I’m guessing she went to the 9gag school of medicine. She’s right though. She suggested that I take up yoga as that’s good exercise for weight loss and is good for my back, so I guess I’ll start looking into that!

I didn’t particularly have a hankering for anything in the evening so I just had a small bowl of cornflakes and a pot of tea.

Day 97

Wow, that was a busy day, I forgot to write my journal until just now (6:45 pm).

Woke up super-early for me, didn’t feel hugely awake but too awake to go back to bed, so I got up, put on a coffee (forgot to drink it), had breakfast then finally remembered to drink my coffee, I’m glad I put it in my teapot, otherwise it would have been stone cold.

As I was up so early, I decided to get productive. I’ve been migrating my google apps accounts all down to one free Gmail account using Mailgun (check it out, it’s awesome, I’m gonna do a blog about it soon) so I decided to do some work on moving my data over.

Eventually, though I had to do some real work so I got down to it.

Lunch was a tough call, I knew I was supposed to be eating healthy but my brain was dying for something bad, so I compromised and had tinned minced beef and onion spaghetti (which as I mentioned in an earlier post, is a weird treat of mine). It’s not very healthy but I had a small-ish portion so that evens it out a bit (right?)

I’m doing IE7 bug-fixing at work because apparently, it’s 2004, there is nothing like working in an ancient browser for days on end to give you a headache. I also think I might have been dehydrated so I need to increase my water intake a lot.

Dinner was a few spring rolls, some chicken satay skewers and some special fried rice from the local Chinese takeaway.

Day 98

Two days left now so I decided to use my last cheat meal and went out for a big fry-up with Colette, it was a harvester breakfast so I also had a plate of mini-pancakes with greek yoghurt and maple syrup. That filled me up nicely so I’ll probably not eat again until late.

I never properly got hungry again, I skipped lunch and for dinner, I had a bowl of rice with a tin of tuna and some garden peas.

Day 99

Cornflakes for breakfast, I’ve got a lot to do today but I don’t really have a huge amount of energy so I might potter a fair bit too. I usually eat quite a lot on these sort of days but I’ll try to resist.

Lunch was pasta with puttanesca, it was amazing, I’m glad I bought a few jars of that as I can see myself eating that again during the week with gusto.

Finally decided to knock-off. I wasn’t really in a worky mood today and as I was learning things too, it was extra hard as learning saps a huge amount of my energy. I decided to reward myself with a pizza (shared it with Col though). I still think I’m within my calorie limit though so it’s all good.

Day 100

Woah. Last day!

Breakfast was cornflakes and coffee. The usual.

Energy levels are not too bad today, I had a little bit of a lie-in (got out of bed at 8:45ish) so I feel fairly well-rested.

Lunch was more puttanesca, that is such a tasty meal and it’s 100% meat-free (not vegan though, it has anchovies in it).

Dinner was a Chinese takeaway. I had spring rolls, chicken satay skewers, some pork dumplings and some seaweed.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 246lbs 248.6lbs 250lbs
Body fat 34.3% 33.4% 36%
Muscle Mass 31.2% 31.6% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21

Not gonna lie, I was hoping I’d see more results than this, I didn’t exceed my cheat meals and I made it to the end so I technically passed but I didn’t follow the other rules to the letter. Most notably the 30 mins of being active a day and the 2 litres of water one. I think those two would have made a much bigger difference to the final result.

I’m not disheartened though, my goal wasn’t really to reach a target weight, I know myself well enough to know that wasn’t a realistic goal for me.

My goal was to alter my mindset and re-point it down a healthier path, in that sense, it was a huge success,

I taught myself that vegetarian and even vegan meals can be delicious, that I don’t need to add sugar to things for them to be tasty (seriously, one week of eating sugar-free cornflakes and now it’s the only way I can eat them).

My sleep pattern has improved drastically as although I’ve not really logged that part too much, I’ve started practising better ‘sleep hygiene’ I now go to bed at roughly the same time each night 9:30 pm (with about an hour or so leeway) and I wake up at 7:30 am each morning. Before this, a ‘lie-in’ for me at the weekend often meant 11 am, now a lie-in for me is 8:30 am. That’s a drastic shift for me and one that is already starting to have a very positive impact on my life.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to slowly reduce my portion sizes, I might not look much different on the outside but I know for a fact that my stomach has shrunk in the last 100 days, I’m not even physically capable of eating as much as I did 100 days ago without feeling hugely uncomfortable.

I plan to do this again soon and I think that when I do, I’ll be in a much better place to really reap the rewards.

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